Competition Race Seat - FIA Approved - TR03 - Toorace
Competition Race Seat - FIA Approved - TR03

Competition Race Seat - FIA Approved - TR03


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The Toorace TR02 Competition seat is constructed from an FBG shell, the external fabric is special VEP Fabric. Both the back and seat cushions are removable.

Used by many professional teams at both national and international level and in a range of motorsport disciplines including circuit, rally, drift and drag racing. Toorace seats are widely used across Europe.

The use of VEP Fabric offers a super accurate fit with the seat moulding while offering supreme comfort. The outstanding damping capabilities and great flexibility provide reliable protection against penetrating objects that would typically tear or rip the seat covering.

VEP is visco-elastic and thus, can handle multiple impacts. After an impact or shock, the material returns to its original shape while retaining all of its functionality. In case of a slow application of a force, the VEP material absorbs the impact energy through gentle cushioning, whereas in case of a crash – meaning high-velocity force effect – the foam yields only slightly. Why? Because the air in the cell structure remains locked in within the foam and thus, cannot escape so quickly. This relatively thin and extremely lightweight material offers premium damping performance. Plus, VEP reacts without time delays in order to minimize strain on your body. VEP can handle temperatures of up to 120°C, guaranteeing longevity and protection.

Toorace seats are side mounted using either out Steel or Aluminium lateral supports (sold separately).

Seats are despatched from Italy, please allow 10-14 days for delivery.