TheFASTFiles - Stories from the world of speed

Being a digital brand in New Zealand gives us the chance to think about things differently. Toorace, uses the wealth of experience available from both Spike and The eCommerce Coach to achieve massive awareness and scale within NZ.

Our obsession with MotorSport and Digital Technologies is shared with Adam at TheFASTFiles, and it is this unison that means we can work together in harmony to broadcast LIVE online from NZ top motorsport events.

Viewer numbers are already huge and growing as the broadcast model changes from mass media to niche broadcasts that are topic focused.

Watch LIVE as the team from the TheFASTFiles do what they do to bring you the coverage you want:


Here a quick intro taken from TheFASTFiles website.

Hi I'm Adam Jones a filmmaker from Auckland New Zealand who races an Mk1 Ford Escort on the weekends.

When I was a kid I spent hours pretending to race my mum's Hillman Superminx in the driveway while wearing a plastic racer helmet and yellow Shell overalls.

My family wasn't a 'car' or 'race' family so where did this need to go FAST come from? Is this something you are born with or just grow into?

In order to find out I'm making this series and will go and ask other people why they want to go FAST. 

Stay tuned, hope you enjoy the ride...