Williams to use KERS in 2010?

Williams have deviated from FOTA once again, by declaring their intention to use their flywheel KERS system next season, despite an earlier agreement between teams to drop the system.

They were suspended from the Formula One Teams Association earlier in the year for applying for the 2010 championship during the row over two-tier rules, and once again look like they could be booted out.

Technical Director Sam Michael still insists they will use the system next year though.

“We fully support the use of KERS and always have done. Given the environmental and sustainability pressures that Formula 1 is going to face in the future, KERS is a positive step for the sport. It’s in next year’s regulations, so we’re continuing developing our system with a view to using it on next year’s FW32.”

KERS was written off by most teams only a few races into the season, but a recent upturn in form by its only regular users, Ferrari and McLaren, has gathered some interest up and down the grid, so much that Renault re-introduced the system for the last Grand Prix at Monza, albeit without much success.

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