VIDEO: New Senna vs Brundle film released

Six years on from Asif Kapadia’s acclaimed ‘Senna‘ film, Ayrton Senna’s career has once again been given the documentary treatment.

There are no McLarens in this one though, or Alain Prost … but there is a rivaly.

Using a combination of archival footage and contemporary interviews,’Senna vs Brundle’ tells the story of the 1983 British Formula 3 championship battle between the Brazilian and Martin Brundle. If ever a season of motorsport was a two-horse race, it was this one: between them, they won 19 of that year’s 20 races. Both would be in Formula 1 the following year.

The film is being distributed as a pay-per-view. For additional information or to download, please visit And for a sneak preview, check out the trailer below.

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