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Alonso encouraged by impact of McLaren F1 changes

The significant changes McLaren made during the 2018 season are clearly paying off for the team this year, according to Fernando (...)

Norris feels pressure lifting after first points

Lando Norris believes he has taken some of the pressure off himself by picking up his first points with sixth place in the Bahrain Grand (...)

Alonso relishes sharing track with a Schumacher again

Fernando Alonso said it was special to share the track with a Schumacher again after driving alongside old rival Michael's (...)

F1 return would have to be a ‘great opportunity’ for Alonso

Fernando Alonso says he would have to be presented with a great opportunity to consider a return to Formula 1 in 2020 despite testing (...)

Alonso returns to McLaren F1 for tire test

Fernando Alonso will drive McLaren’s 2019 car for the first time when he carries out tire testing duties for Pirelli after the Bahrain (...)

Zak Brown: ‘McLaren may consider their F1 future without changes’

Team’s chief executive believes that a meeting this week must deliver better competition if the sport is to flourish

Zak Brown has warned that McLaren, second only to Ferrari in terms of seasons on the grid, would consider quitting Formula One if the sport’s problems are not addressed this season.

Twelve months ago in Bahrain, F1’s owner, Liberty Media, revealed its vision of how motor sport’s elite competition would look in 2021. On Tuesday Liberty meets the governing FIA and all 10 F1 teams in London to begin the process of putting that blueprint into practice. Time is against them, however, with June seen as the deadline to agree new racing regulations and a fresh commercial agreement, possibly even a cap on teams’ spending, if they are to come into effect in two years’ time.

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Norris: I let McLaren down in Australia

Lando Norris believes he let McLaren down by not scoring a point on his Formula 1 debut at the Australian Grand Prix. A difficult start to (...)

Before P8, McLaren and Norris feared Q1 exit

Lando Norris revealed McLaren was worried he might not make it out of the first part of qualifying before his top-10 performance at the (...)

Australian Grand Prix: Britain’s Lando Norris unafraid of F1 curse

Norris, the rookie McLaren driver, is the youngest British driver to compete in Formula One and admits to being fiercely – and verbally - self-critical during a race

There is a strong likelihood that regardless of how Lando Norris performs in his debut Formula One race in Australia on Sunday morning, the young British driver will at some point have turned the air in his cockpit blue. Norris is fearsomely self-critical of every aspect of his craft and brutally honest in assessing his own performances. They are traits he shares with Lewis Hamilton, the driver he hopes to emulate, and they will be absolutely invaluable at McLaren this season.

Only 19-years-old, Norris is the youngest British driver to compete in F1 and daunting a prospect as it may have been, he has acquitted himself admirably over the weekend under the intense pressure and scrutiny that comes with climbing behind the wheel of a McLaren. The first task for a rookie – to keep the car on the island – was achieved with solid runs through all three practice sessions. Perhaps unsurprising given he had done due diligence on Albert Park already, putting in over 600 laps on the simulator he has at his home in Guildford.

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Norris wants debut F1 race out of the way

Lando Norris wants to get his first Formula 1 start safely under his belt before he focuses too much on other targets in his rookie season (...)