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Romain Grosjean: “There’s a wish from all the drivers to see better racing”

Romain Grosjean says Formula 1 drivers want closer battles and tighter fields, with the GPDA director pushing for changes to be made within the sport for this to be possible

Todt launches Vietnam F1 circuit construction work

FIA president Jean Todt has kicked off the construction work on a new Formula 1 circuit in Vietnam that will host its inaugural race in (...)

F1’s 2021 vision should be ready before Bahrain

Formula 1 and the FIA aim to have its vision for the sport in 2021 finalized in time for a meeting ahead of the second race of the season (...)

Vettel Needed More Help From Ferrari – Luciano Burti

Ex-F1 driver Luciano Burti feels Ferrari could have done more to help Sebastian Vettel after his German Grand Prix error last year

Opinion: Turbulent times for F1’s unofficial ‘saviour’ Ross Brawn

There was something rather heroic about Ross Brawn’s return to the F1 paddock. However, increasingly the bold plans behind the billowing red cape are suffering the suffocating effects of obstinate paddock politics...

Jean Todt on Marchionne – He “achieved a colossal amount”

FIA President Jean Todt has paid tribute to Sergio Marchionne following his death, stating that the ex-Ferrari CEO "achieved a colossal amount"

Unfair to fans to wait for 2021 regulation changes - Todt

FIA president Jean Todt believes it would have been unfair to fans of Formula 1 to not make changes to try and improve racing in 2019. The (...)

Jean Todt Feels Ferrari Should Lose Formula 1 Rules Veto Rights

The FIA president feels the time is right for Ferrari to lose their ability to veto any Formula 1 rule changes.

FIA Announce ‘Grid Kids’ Initiative for 2018 Season

Youngsters involved in karting and junior formulae of motorsport will be chosen to stand alongside drivers on the Formula 1 grid in 2018, in a new initiative 'Grid Kids'.

Budget cap not the sole answer to high costs in F1 says Jean Todt

Jean Todt says other measure have to be used alongside a budget cap in order for F1 costs to go down.

Todt Brings Back Idea of ‘Global Engine’ Amid Rising Costs in F1

Jean Todt believes the introduction of a 'global engine' in motor sport categories around the globe could stop the rising costs of power units, particularly in Formula 1.

Todt Admits FIA were ‘upset’ over Budkowski Departure to Renault

Marcin Budkowski will now start his new role with the Renault Sport Formula 1 Team on 1 April 2018.