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MEDLAND: Take a bow, Robert Kubica

Ever since the rally accident that almost cost him his life, Robert Kubica has had to do things his own way. The manner in which he (...)

MEDLAND: Racing for Anthoine

The motorsport community is an incredible place. And it should be proud of the way it reacts in the toughest times. Saturday at (...)

MEDLAND: Six F1 mid-season questions to ponder

The summer break is over and Formula 1 returns to action at the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. Inevitably, doubling the gap between (...)

INTERVIEW: Formula 1 through the eyes of the Indy 500 winner

In the middle of the chaos that is a Formula 1 grid pre-race, you’ll do well to stand out from the crowd. The cars are a hive of activity (...)

INTERVIEW: Inside the house that Checo built

He might not have a contract for 2020 just yet, but this summer should be a much less stressful for Sergio Perez than the last one was. (...)

MEDLAND: Red Bull gambles again

I’ve got to admit, I did not predict that Red Bull’s driver change would come as early as this summer. A number of people have asked me (...)

MEDLAND: Did Red Bull make a mistake in letting Sainz go?

If Mercedes has been the best team of the 2019 Formula 1 season to date, then McLaren has run it pretty damn close. Comfortably holding (...)

MEDLAND: Might we finally have a fight on our hands?

You watched the German Grand Prix, right? Please, tell me you did. If you didn’t, I’m not sure highlights can be anything other than the (...)

INSIGHT: Why have F1's 2019 tires been such a curveball?

If you’ve watched a Formula 1 race in the past 10 years, you’ve probably noticed that people within the sport tend to talk about the (...)

INSIGHT: Behind the Rich Energy mess at Haas

As race weekends go for Haas, it has been a pretty strange one. And for once, that has nothing to do with tire usage or car pace. There is (...)

MEDLAND: Austria showed F1's spark – and its shortcomings

 I promise you I’m not writing this week’s column with a smug smile on my face, but I definitely could be after the past seven (...)

MEDLAND: The real reason F1 needs Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton can’t really do much more for Formula 1 than he is at the moment. Like him or loathe him, he takes the sport far beyond its (...)