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MEDLAND: By speaking up, Hamilton has emboldened a generation

Lewis Hamilton’s comments on racial injustice on Sunday night woke Formula 1 up. His use of the words “I stand alone” were (...)

MEDLAND: F1's American-inspired giant leap

Given the wider global situation and the ongoing uncertainty about when ‘normal’ life will resume, you’d be forgiven for not (...)

STRAW: Would Alonso really consider a Renault return?

Fernando Alonso doesn’t want to return to Formula 1 just to add another clutch of minor points finishes to his CV. So why should he be (...)

MEDLAND: Can F1 follow NASCAR’s lead for a 2020 relaunch?

While NASCAR is back in action and IndyCar has set its sights on a June 6 start, Formula 1 has yet to announce its calendar for 2020, and (...)

MEDLAND: Good moves for F1... what about those involved?

Isn’t the Formula 1 shutdown so boring and quiet? As weeks go, this has been a big one, with a short, sharp, stunning burst of silly (...)

MEDLAND: What next for Ferrari and Vettel?

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to find the driver market has exploded. On Monday night Ferrari finalized an announcement (...)

STRAW: Is F1 ready for new teams?

Formula 1’s regulations permit up to 26 cars to be entered for the world championship, yet we haven’t seen that many cars on the grid (...)

MEDLAND: How seriously should we take Esports?

Lockdown has been a very strange time, but certain things don’t change. Social media ensures there are plenty of opinions (and often (...)

MEDLAND: How to rebuild an F1 team during a pandemic

If you’re a team member at Racing Point, you probably feel like you can’t catch a break. The Force India years were generally a (...)

RETRO: What was it like to race in F1's most controversial grand prix?

YouTube has a video of the podium ceremony from the notorious 2005 United States Grand Prix, and watching it again 15 years on is quite (...)

MEDLAND: Could any circuit really run an F1 race backwards?

I’ve got to admit, this is a column I didn’t think I’d be writing because I didn’t think it would ever be a credible idea. A (...)

The Guest Mailbag with the Haas Formula 1 team

Welcome to the Guest Mailbag, where this week we're pleased to welcome the Haas Formula 1 team up to Mailbag Towers. (...)