Positive final day of testing for Räikkönen in Spain

Alfa Romeo Racing‘s Kimi Räikkönen has said the final day of in-season testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunyawas a pretty good day in the car.”

The Finn completed a total of 110 laps, setting his fastest lap, a 1:17.393, on the C5 tyre, the hardest available was good enough for fifth place on the timing screens.

“It was a pretty good day in the car.  After yesterday’s issues we had to change our testing programme slightly but we managed to get through all the different things we wanted to try.”

Räikkönen added that the team worked on a number of different things during the course of the day of testing, including different tyres, set-ups and newly-developed parts, in an attempt to make the car the best it can be for the next outing at the Monaco Grand Prix.

“We had the chance to work on different compounds, we worked on the set-up and we put a few different parts on the car, so it was a busy day.”

Despite the progress made by the team in testing, Räikkönen felt that if the team were given the opportunity to rerun the race weekend just past, they’d be able to bring home a better result.

“I feel that if we did the race weekend again, we’d be stronger than we were.”, he said.

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