Pat Symonds Offered “Crash-Gate” Immunity

The FIA have offered Renault director of engineering Pat Symonds immunity from punishment if he offers full co-operation with the investigations and upcoming hearing regarding the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix race fixing allegations.

With the hearing due to take place next week it is not clear whether Symonds has taken the immunity or not, if he has this will leave Flavio Briatore the only one without such a deal in place after FIA boss Max Mosely confirmed at Monza that Piquet Jr. has immunity from punishment.

In the original interview with FIA representatives Symonds refused to answer specific questions regarding the allegations.

In the report Symonds admits that a meeting took place with himself, Briatore and Piquet Jr.

Despite this confirmation, he failed to give any hard evidence on what actually happened

“Mr. Symonds accepted that he had discussed with NPJ (Piquet) the possibility of a deliberate crash at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, although he said the suggestion was raised by NPJ.” said the report.

Symonds indicated that he may have further information to add to the report but after being questioned again on 28 August he refused to answer specifics once again.

The stewards report stated: “Mr. Symonds suggested at his interview on 27 August that he might wish to revert to the Stewards with further information, including information responsive to the various questions he had declined to answer.

“However, no such further information was provided on 27 August. On 28 August, Mr Symonds was summoned back before the Stewards to be asked if he wanted to give further information on the questions he had declined to answer. Mr Symonds again declined to answer the questions.”

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