Massa Looking To Valencia For Return!

As the dust settles from the announcement that seven times world champion Michael Schumacher would be taking Felipe Massa’s seat in Valencia, the Brazilian has apparently said “Let’s see if I let him drive the car, because I won’t give up.”

Massa’s personal doctor gave a statement today at the AEK hospital in Budapest where he has been since his accident on Saturday, joking that he was “looking like a boxer”

Altman said that: “Felipe continues to improve. He is eating, he was walking around the room, he took a shower in the morning, like a normal person. So that’s good news.”

He also confirmed that there is no problems with Felipe’s eyesight after initial fears and rumours that he may have damaged it in the accident.

“He is eating normal food. He ate chicken, today in the morning he had a normal breakfast, some yogurt with nutritional complements, bread, cheese, tomato, and he also had a banana.”

Talking about how soon the Brazilian would be stepping back into his Ferrari seat Altman refused to give a definite timeline but stated that he was sure that Massa would eventually be back on the grid.

“It’s the only thing he is thinking about, it’s his fixed idea. He has no fears at all,”
Altman said. “He thinks he would be able to race in Valencia.”

Talking of yesterdays announcement that Michael Schumacher would be taking his seat for the next grand prix he reportedly joked: “We have to see if I will let him drive!”

“He was joking with his friends and his brother,” Altman revealed. “He was telling us that he heard about the Schumacher news, and he told us: ‘Let’s see if I let him drive the car, because I won’t give up.'”

So Schumi is back… but for how long!

Forza Felipe!!

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