Ferrari get cryptic about manfacturers exit

Ferrari have posted a somewhat bizzare article on their website, stating that the current state of manufacturers pulling out of F1 is down to the decision makers in F1.

Entitled “We want a different closing chapter” the article read:

“It seems like a parody of Agatha Christie’s ‘Ten Little Indians’, published in England for the first time in the year 1939, but reality is much more serious.”

“Formula 1 continues losing important parts: over the last 12 months Honda, BMW, Bridgestone and this morning Toyota announced their retirements. In exchange, if one could call it that, Manor, Lotus [because of the team of Colin Chapman, Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna, to name a few, there is hardly more than the name], USF1 and Campos Meta arrived.”

“You might say ‘same-same’, because it is enough if there are participants. But that’s not entirely true and then we’ve got to see if next year we’ll be really as many in Bahrain for the first starting grid of the 2010 season and how many will make it to the end of the season.”

“In reality the steady trickle of desertion is more the result of a war against the big car manufacturers by those who managed the sport, than the effects of the economical that affected Formula 1 over the last years,”

“In Christie’s detective novel the guilty person is only discovered when everybody else is dead, one after the other. Do we want to wait until this happens or should we write Formula 1’s book with a different closing chapter?”

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