F1: Ricciardo not sure how to move on from Monaco

Daniel Ricciardo says he is not sure how to move on from the disappointment of losing the Monaco Grand Prix due to a Red Bull Formula 1 team pit stop error.

The Australian lost the lead of the race to eventual winner Lewis Hamilton when Red Bull did not have the right set of tires ready at his second pit stop.

Ricciardo said after the race he felt “screwed” for the second grand prix in succession after his strategy took him out of victory contention in Spain two weeks ago, and he said the second blow was even harder to take.

“I took Barcelona on the chin and then took it well but two in a row now, and it’s not like we’re in Mercedes’ position, we’re not able to win [every] race,” he said. “So to have an opportunity to lead two races in a row and especially here in Monaco – to get it wrong twice definitely hurts.

“I’m not sure where we go from here, what to do. Obviously they’ve got to understand what’s going on and learn from it but this win I’ll never get back, that’s a fact.”

Ricciardo took pole position in spectacular fashion in dry conditions, and he felt he handled the eventful race well when he was out front.

“I put it on the front and you wake up and you see thunderstorms and it’s like, ‘OK, there’s a few curveballs coming my way today’ but I felt I dealt with them as well as I could have,” he added.

“I had pace in the wet at the beginning and again I thought I was controlling everything I had to. Obviously a big part of it is relying on the team and the strategy.

“Two races in a row, two races in a row. That’s all I can say. Massively, massively disappointed.”


Originally on Autosport.com

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