F1: Ricciardo needed to 'cool off' after Monaco

Daniel Ricciardo says he took a few days to “cool off” before dissecting the pit mistakes behind his Monaco Grand Prix defeat with his Red Bull Formula 1 team.

Ricciardo was on course for victory in Monte Carlo before Red Bull was late bringing his tires out following a change of heart over compound choice at his second pit stop.

“I gave it a few days to cool off,” said Ricciardo. “I definitely felt after the race I wasn’t in a place… probably no one is in a place to try and resolve what happened, so for me it was [right] to get away for a few days.

“I spoke to various people in the team and they explained what happened at the time and the situation, so it obviously was important to hear the explanation, but more importantly how to move on and for it not to happen again.

“They’ve done a lot things back at the factory, set up some new parameters that will happen before and during pit stops to make sure these things don’t happen again, to make sure the tires are ready.

“I knew they were going to take it seriously, because it was obviously a big disappointment. I’ve been assured if we are in that position again then it won’t happen, which is what I wanted to hear.”

Team principal Christian Horner said the unusual pit arrangements in Monaco had complicated the situation.

“The nature of the pits and everything in Monaco does make it harder to move around the garage. It’s small,” Ricciardo acknowledged. “Whether it would have been a different story at another track, I’m not sure.

“I think the call was a bit rushed and, with Monaco being what it is, it was a bit chaotic for the circumstances.”

Ricciardo said he had quizzed Horner and his race engineer Simon Rennie not just about the troubled second stop but the decision to make a first pit stop to change from wets to intermediates. That cost Ricciardo a large lead as Lewis Hamilton stayed out on wets until the track was ready for slicks.

“Because everyone highlighted the second stop, which was where we effectively lost the race, I questioned the first because when I came out behind Lewis we’d put ourselves in the race [having been ahead],” said Ricciardo. “I just wanted to make sure the first stop was being addressed as heavily as the second.

“Simon said they weren’t looking into that, but acknowledging that was also, I would say, a mistake.”

Asked if he had “forgiven” Red Bull after the twin disappointments of both Monaco and the strategy change that cost him Spanish GP victory, Ricciardo replied: “It’s unfortunate it happened back to back which expanded the feelings, but I’ve moved on.

“I’ve still got faith in the team and I don’t doubt them moving forward. The last four weekends I felt I should have got more, so this Sunday it’s important to know we maximized everything from both sides.”


Originally on Autosport.com

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