F1: Renault used just three tokens on upgrade

Renault has only used three development tokens for its Formula 1 engine upgrade at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The French manufacturer ran the new unit for the first time in last week’s test at Barcelona, with the drivers giving good feedback about power and driveability. Renault engine technical director Remi Taffin suggested the upgrade could be worth as much as 0.5 seconds in laptime.

Following the successful test, Renault chose to bring forward the new spec’s introduction by a race to Monaco, though it only had two units available. Renault offers parity so it gave one engine to Red Bull, where Daniel Ricciardo got the nod to run it, while Kevin Magnussen received the unit at its works team. Max Verstappen and Jolyon Palmer will switch to the new power unit for the next race in Canada.

Renault used seven tokens over the winter and one ahead of Bahrain. Its latest spend leaves it with 21 remaining, more than any other manufacturer.

Honda is the only team yet to have used any tokens during the season and has 14 remaining. Mercedes has 11 and Ferrari six.

Ferrari 26 (6 remaining)
Mercedes 21 (11 remaining)
Honda 18 (14 remaining)
Renault 11 (21 remaining)

Originally on Autosport.com

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