F1: Renault: There is a lot more to come

Renault F1 chief Cyril Abiteboul says the French manufacturer has “a lot more to come,” following the first victory for one of its engines since 2014 last weekend.

Following Renault’s acrimonious fallout with Red Bull last year, as part of a new agreement that was drawn up between the two parties, the team rebadged its engine as TAG Heuer.

Asked whether Renault could take any satisfaction in Red Bull’s success with Max Verstappen in the Spanish Grand Prix, Abiteboul told Autosport: “Officially, and in a marketing and communication way, nothing. But obviously for the 400 people we have at the factory [at Viry] there is going to be huge satisfaction. It says to everyone that had any doubts about us that hard work always pays off and delivers.

“This is just the start with the young Dutchman on the podium because there is a lot to come from the engine they [Red Bull] are using.”

Both Red Bull and the works Renault team were positive about its upgraded engine, which made its on-track debut in this week’s post-grand prix test.

“We’re on the rise again,” said Abiteboul. “We still need a lot of changes to the ways we are working, our processes, the organization, but a lot of things that have happened over the past 18 months are starting to pay off now. Unfortunately in Formula 1 these things can take a bit of time. There was a bit of impatience last year for some visible gain from all the changes going on. Unfortunately we’ve had to wait a season for them to come, but they are starting to come, which is really good for all involved.”

Originally on Autosport.com

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