F1: No sympathy for Mercedes over 2017 - Marko

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has no sympathy “at all” for Mercedes in light of the recent agreement on the Formula 1 engine regulations.

Marko believes if the new rules pay off, particularly in terms of convergence and the hope the four engine manufacturers are eventually within three tenths of a second of one another, then Red Bull should emerge a championship challenger again next year.

Asked whether he sympathized with Mercedes given the German manufacturer was supposedly the team most reluctant to change for 2017, Marko (left) told Formula1.com: “Not at all. Because it was all about not losing any advantage.

“Now all the teams again have the chance to close the gap. Of course, we are probably the biggest beneficiary, as in the past when new regulations came in we’ve always been ahead.”

While this season’s four grands prix to date have so far been exciting to watch, Marko believes changes were necessary because Mercedes remains dominant.

“We believe the races have to be more exciting again – not so predictable,” said Marko. “The midfield racing has been sizzling, but when it came to winning the race you knew that it would be a Mercedes driver.

“The Mercedes driver who comes out of the first corner in first is the race winner. Hopefully that will change.”

With the regulations regarding bodywork set to alter significantly for 2017, Marko feels given Red Bull’s strength in the chassis department, then it will have a chance to challenge the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari.

“If the gap is no more than three-tenths, then we have every chance in the world to do something with our chassis,” he said. “That would put us back up in a position where we will win races again and fight for championships again. But again, it all depends on whether everything is done the way it has been written down and decided.”


Originally on Autosport.com

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