F1: New Renault parts for 'almost every race'

Renault is planning to introduce updates consistently over the next six to eight Formula 1 races now it is ‘back to normal’ behind the scenes, according to head of trackside operations Alan Permane.

The protracted nature of the Lotus takeover led to the team settling for a compromise design with the RS16, particularly as it had to deal with a late switch from Mercedes to Renault power. This year’s manufacturer backing is a marked change from last year when the team had developments it wanted to run but simply didn’t have the money available to produce them.

Renault introduced a new front wing earlier this season, but the updates for Spain will mark beginning of a more aggressive development strategy.

“We have some aero development and we have some front suspension developments coming and we have an engine upgrade in Canada so we can expect to be putting something on the car almost every race for the next six to eight races,” Permane told Autosport. “It’s back to normal for us. We’re still not fully up to speed and we are still strengthening but it’s great.”

Teams will use the upcoming in-season test at Barcelona, which takes place on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the Spanish Grand Prix, to test out new parts.

“We’re not running the front suspension parts until the Spanish test so you’ll see them in Monaco,” added Permane.

Renault used one of its engine development tokens for Bahrain, leaving it with 24 remaining – more than any other manufacturer. Its major power unit upgrade – expected to race for the first time in Canada next month – will make its track debut at next week’s post-Spanish Grand Prix test.


Originally on Autosport.com

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