F1: Mercedes informs FIA of 2017 engine deals

Mercedes has confirmed to the FIA it will continue to supply its current three Formula 1 customers with power units in 2017, Autosport can reveal.

In light of the new regulations regarding power units from next season, the FIA now has to know by May 15 the supply deals in place between the four engine manufacturers and their customers.

Renault has declared it is happy to continue working with Red Bull beyond this season once its current contract expires given the improvement in performance of its system so far this campaign.

Autosport has now learned Mercedes has also written its required letter to the FIA stating it has contracts in place with Williams, Force India and Manor.

Force India has been a customer of Mercedes since 2009, while Williams teamed up with the German manufacturer in ’14 at the start of the hybrid power unit era.

Manor joined forces with Mercedes for this season, with Autosport discovering it has a long-term contract in place as it seeks to fight its way up the grid.

Originally on Autosport.com

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