F1: Magnussen explains crash in practice

Kevin Magnussen has blamed cold tires for the practice crash that has forced the Renault Formula 1 team to build up a replacement car for tomorrow’s Canadian Grand Prix.

The Dane was on an outlap on a set of used ultra-soft Pirellis late in FP3 when he crashed coming out of the left/right chicane at Turn 6/7. The resulting damage meant he missed qualifying, with the team doing the rebuild around a spare chassis used earlier in the season.

“It was on the outlap and really strange,” said Magnussen. “We put on a set [of tires] that I’d run on already and they [the blankets] didn’t have time to get them warm, we just stuck them on and they were very slippery.

“It was weird because we have done it before and been all right, but maybe because the track temperature was so slow it didn’t work and it caught me out.

“I was just going out of the corner, hit a bump then it snapped massively. Then I hit the wall. I’m driving the car so it’s my responsibility, but I definitely got caught out.”

Magnussen expects the crashed chassis to be repaired for use in the future, but confirmed the damage was mainly to the left-hand side crash structure. As the car was not ready for qualifying, he will start tomorrow’s race from the back.

“It’s pretty much another car for tomorrow,” said Magnussen. “Everything was damaged, it was a very hard hit even though it wasn’t so fast – I hit it so square. So we have gone back to the best chassis we had before [the crashed one].

“I’m sure when it’s repaired this will probably be the best chassis [again]. The tub is not so damaged, but it needs repair and we can’t do that. It was only the crash structure and that takes quite long to fix. So when that goes on, the chassis will be pretty much intact.”


Originally on Autosport.com

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