F1: Honda not happy with enforced supply rules

Honda would not be happy if the FIA chooses to enforce the regulation that obliges a Formula 1 manufacturer to offer a deal to a team without an engine.

Under new rules, manufacturers had until Sunday to inform the FIA of the supply deals they had in place and Honda named only McLaren. If any team is left without a power unit for next season, the FIA will begin talks to find a solution by June 1 and should that not happen, a ballot will take place to arrange a supply.

When asked how Honda would feel if the FIA enforces the rule to supply, its Honda’s head of F1 Yusuke Hasegawa replied: “We are not happy about that.

“We understand we need to supply multiple teams. We have to contribute to the F1 society – currently only Ferrari and Mercedes are providing to four teams and we are only one.

“We are not controlled by FIA to select a team so as a regulation point of view, I don’t think it’s a very good thing.

“Our performance isn’t high enough to have more conversations from other teams. So we need to wait to see what happens on June 1.”

However, even if the FIA asks a manufacturer to supply a customer team, it can decline the request if certain conditions are not met.

“It’s not automatic,” said Hasegawa. “The FIA recommends to start negotiations with certain teams. We need to fix some conditions, like cost price.

“If we can’t agree with that, it’s impossible to have that connection. We have to try to make a negotiation.”

Hasegawa admitted on Friday that Honda is not currently ready to supply a second team alongside McLaren.

When asked when it will be ready, Hasegawa said: “Just for supplying, we will be ready for next year – that is our duty.”


Originally on Autosport.com

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