F1: Honda introduces turbo update for Canada

McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso will run an updated Formula 1 turbocharger at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Honda has decided to spend two tokens on the new turbocharger with the update focused on improving harvesting efficiency. It will be Button and Alonso’s third turbocharger of the season, with penalties not being imposed until the fifth of the six engine elements are used.

Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa had said he was encouraged by dyno results back at the factory in Sakura. But he acknowledged further testing was required before Honda felt comfortable confirming the token spend and therefore it left it as late as possible to make the decision.

It is the first use of tokens by the Japanese manufacturer during the season and it now has 12 remaining.

Ferrari is also set to spend two tokens on a turbo update for Canada, leaving it with just four tokens remaining.

Mercedes has 11 while Renault, which used three for its latest upgrade introduced for Monaco, has 14 remaining.


Originally on Autosport.com

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