F1: Hamilton hopes he is wrong about 2017 rules

Lewis Hamilton does not think the changes to the 2017 regulations will be good for Formula 1, but hopes he is proved wrong.

The rules for 2017, featuring cars sporting different aero packages and with wider front and rear tires, were signed off last month.

Hamilton is concerned that this change could be as unfortunate as the tweak to the qualifying format that lasted just two races earlier this year before F1 bosses reverted to the old system.

When asked for his thoughts on the rules, Hamilton said: “I want to be careful with what I say but it’s not great. We’ll do the best we can and I know my guys will do an exceptional job.

“When you change something and you know it’s not going to make a difference … I hope I’m wrong and this isn’t another case of a bad change, like the qualifying rules. I want to be proven wrong because if we aren’t, then we’re stuck for three years and it won’t get better for us or the fans.”

Hamilton’s team-mate Nico Rosberg said last month the new rules will not produce good battles between drivers on track. The German believes the push for faster cars with more downforce will make overtaking tougher and is therefore sending F1 in the wrong direction.

Their team boss Toto Wolff is in agreement and previously questioned the wisdom of changing the regulations when he feels the racing is improving.

The new rules for 2017 were formally ratified by the World Motor Sport Council last month, with the regulations adjusted accordingly.

Originally on Autosport.com

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