F1: Haas plans more NASCAR team crossover

Gene Haas is planning a tighter link up between his Formula 1 and NASCAR operations, including driver crossover.

There already discussions about giving Romain Grosjean an opportunity to do a NASCAR road race. Haas says he is also hoping to bring Stewart-Haas driver Kurt Busch to the inaugural F1 race in Azerbaijan next month.

“We are going to try and get a bit of inner communication between NASCAR and Formula 1 in terms of drivers,” said the Haas owner. “We hope to bring Kurt Busch out to Azerbaijan, he wants to come out and see what it is all about. I think it is absolutely a home run for media attention.

“The only other thing would be to bring Danica Patrick over here and have her in a Formula 1 car. That would just bring so much to both sports and I do not think there is anything bad about it.”

Haas said it is unlikely Patrick will be drafted into his F1 squad given her NASCAR commitments but sees no reason why another woman could not be given an opportunity in F1.

“Danica Patrick, probably not,” he said. “She is involved in NASCAR and she has a three-year commitment so that window is probably not available.

“Bringing a woman on board would have a lot of logistics to it but if there was sponsor support for something like that, it would be very doable. It would just open up a whole new market for the other half of the gender that maybe is not as involved in racing as they should be.

“The cars are grueling to drive but there are some women athletes out there who could easily do it. I am not sure why we do not have more – it would be great for the sport to bring some women into it and compete with men. I do not see any reason why they could not do that.”


Originally on Autosport.com

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