F1: Button's Canada failure was gearbox not engine

Jenson Button’s Canadian Grand Prix failure was a gearbox, not an engine problem, Autosport has learned, but the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 driver has a new internal combustion engine for Azerbaijan.

Button spotted smoke pouring from the car on lap nine of the Montreal F1 race and pulled over to retire.

It is believed the gearbox shaft broke, leading to an oil leak that caused the cloud of smoke.

The internal combustion engine, which was the second of the year and in its fifth race weekend, and all the other power unit components are undamaged.

However, the ICE is likely to now only be used as a Friday engine.

Analysis on Button’s third ICE that suffered an oil leak in first practice in Montreal suggests the unit was not damaged and is clear for use again.

But it has been sent back to the factory in Sakura for further checks.

As a result, Button will move onto his fourth ICE of the season at this weekend’s European Grand Prix in Baku. He will run the fourth ICE with the fourth MGU-H, MGU-K and updated turbo that were introduced in Montreal.

His teammate Fernando Alonso is carrying over all of the six engine elements that he used in Canada to Azerbaijan.

Originally on Autosport.com

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