DVR ALERT: IndyCar, F1 telecasts switch for Canada, Texas

NBC has made a last-minute programming switch due to extended coverage of the tragic shootings in Orlando, Fla., that affects both its Formula 1 and IndyCar coverage.

The Canadian Grand Prix, scheduled to air on the NBC broadcast network at 2 p.m. ET, has been moved to NBCSN. The rescheduled Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway, which had been scheduled to air at the same time on NBCSN due to Saturday’s postponement, has been shifted to CNBC.

The IndyCar race was delayed further beyond its planned 2:06 p.m. ET green flag due to continued issues with “weepers” on the track, which have not been solvable by traditional jet dryers as the heat from the dryers has been drawing more water to the surface.

“It’s so close, man, and trust me, no one wants to get this thing going more than we do,” James Hinchcliffe told Robin Miller on NBCSN. “It’s just a couple of problem areas. It’s where they are on the track that’s the issue – right on the dogleg and right at pit-out as you merge onto the racetrack.”

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