Bridgestone Goes Soft For Monza

Formula 1 tyre supplier Bridgestone have revealed that both soft and medium compounds are working well at Monza ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, but the soft was the choice for qualifying.

Talking after the qualifying session finished, Bridgestone‘s Hirohide Hamashima said: “Both the soft and medium Potenza have worked well here at Monza so far this weekend and we have no reason to expect any issues in the race. We have not seen graining and there has not been blistering either. This means that strategy options are very open. A one stop strategy is possible with our tyres so it will be interesting to see if this is used.”

He went on to talk about the performance during qualifying, “Today we had an interesting result in qualifying and I think that the difference in lap times in Q3 means that there will be different fuel strategies for tomorrow's race. The times through the day, apart from in Q3, were very close so competitors are using our tyres well here in Monza.”

Stats of the day

 Temperatures    Ambient     Track    Weather
AM - Practice 3  25C-26C    31C-35C    Sunny
PM - Qualifying  27C 39C-   37C-39C    Sunny

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