Alonso Looks Forward To Home Drive

Fernando Alonso will be looking forward to putting the politics of Formula One behind him this weekend as he heads to his home city of Oviedo in Spain to demonstrate a 2008 Renault R28 on a 1.8km street track around the Plaza de America.

Talking of the weekend ahead Alonso said “It will be fantastic and definitely one of the moments of the year for me, It has been one of my dreams to drive my F1 car on the streets where I grew up of in front of my family, friends and the people who have always supported me.”

“After the difficult year we have had, it will be nice to experience something different and to celebrate the magic of Formula 1, I always enjoy the roadshows, but this one will be extra special.”

“Hopefully there will be more than 100,000 people but Oviedo is quite small so they will need to come from other cities as well,”

“It will be a nice chance for me to say ‘thank you’ to my fans for their support so I will do my best to put on a great show.”

With a crowd of over 100,000 expected, the Renault F1 Roadshow heads to Spain while under investigation for race fixing by the FIA after new information surfaced regarding the Singapore 2008 Grand Prix that Alonso won.

Photo: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

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